We're excited to welcome a display of rare and unique WWII style vehicles to My Garage Museum. Vehicles from the world famous collection of Dr. Mac Jones will make the journey to Effingham, IL and will be on exhibit throughout the summer. Included in this free display will be a Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, KdF-Wagen and 5-6 other rare and unique VW’s from the collection. All three of these vehicles were produced by VW and used by the German military during WWII. Don't miss out on this rare and unique exhibit.


The KdF-Wagen was set up by Hitler’s “Strength through Joy” organization as an affordable car for the people. Due to the shift to wartime production, no consumers ever received a KdF-Wagen; only a few military personnel had possession of the vehicle. After WWII, the vehicles were ordered destroyed, which makes them extremely rare. This vehicle was the closest predecessor of what we now know as the Volkswagen Beetle. There are just 50 KdF-Wagens on the register with 5 of them listed under the Dr. Mac Jones collection.